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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Training Framework for INSPIRE and EU GI related initiatives

In the new EU legislative and policy context of environmental data and data management (e.g. INSPIRE, GMES, SEIS, WFD, etc), the needs for training are growing and more oriented -also- to the understanding of the policies and their implementing rules.

In such a situation, training is needed as well about the new technologies and standards related to access and management of Geographical Information that are more and more exploited in a European dimension.

Inparticular, in the INSPIRE context, different surveys on user needs for datamanagement and SDIs, carried out in the framework of European initiatives (e.g.Leonardo da Vinci, eContentplus, ICT-PSP projects), individuated a great request, by stakeholders and subjects involved in the INSPIRE “revolution”, of specific training on the Directive and specifically on its objectives, its datafields and services, and its implementation rules.

INSPIRE Directive focuses on the one side on technical issues and on the other side spans all over 34 data themes, which implies (to be fully understood) also specific thematic scientific knowledge and skills. That brings to theconclusion that the training for INSPIRE is really articulated and faceted and,in the same time, very important to assure a full and successful implementationof the Directive.

Moreover, training is an important component in the development of European projects related to INSPIRE:

To support on one side a common background knowledge in the partnership constituted by a variety of different organisations and skills, and on the other side, the exploitation of the results towards the respective target audiences, with the use of advanced training tools, based on eLearning platforms.

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In this context, GISIG (www.gisig.it) has developed, starting from the VESTA-GIS Training Framework, an activity line seeking to integrate different training experiences and contents in order to provide the SDI Community with a variety of opportunities, according to a flexible and “interoperable” schema.

Developed Training Packages (click the project logo to access the training package)

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