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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The VESTA-GIS Training Framework

The VESTA-GIS Training Framework aims to collect, organise and deliver vocational training contents and information on the GIS technology and tools as well as on their sectoral applications, namely Water Management, Natural Environment Protection, Coastal Management and Landscape.

The Training Framework's is based on two important features:

The Training Course Catalogue

An on-line searchable database with relevant courses and other training contents on GI delivered by the network partners.

To access the Training Course Catalogue please first Register to Vesta-GIS and aftewards log here with your Vesta-GIS User and Password

The Learning Path Catalogue

The VESTA-GIS Learning Paths are our proposals on key and selected courses in the Training Course Catalogue to create a curricula on specific thematic fields and applications of GI.

To access the Learning Path Catalogue please first login to the Vesta-GIS Registered users area. If you don't have an account please  Register to Vesta-GIS